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    Sep 11, 2016
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Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions

  • 1.10.2

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8
  • Java 7


This version requires Mantle 1.0.0 or higher and Forge 2073

Changelog contains all changes since 2.3.3, mostly in chronological order.


This update comes with several internal restructures and WILL break compatibility with some other mods. The changes are easy to adapt to, however. This will be the only time this happens, but it'll take the other mod authors some days to update, so you might not be able to include this version directly into a modpack. Sorry for that, but it was much needed.



  • Dual-Harvesting with offhand tools
  • Tinker Tank, a multiblock tank
  • Seared Furnace, a multiblock furnace
  • Sharpening kits can now be used to repair tools the inventory crafting grid
  • Wooden rail with a trapdoor. Allows hopper carts to insert into inventories below
  • Drying racks can now hold rails
  • Shulking Modifier
  • Webbed Modifier
  • Blasting Modifier
  • Glowing Modifier
  • Buckets can be filled in casting tables


  • Mending Moss Modifier level now also increases durability per xp
  • Reinforced Modifier gives 20% chance
  • Slimechannel recipe gives 3 channels now
  • Luck modifier always applies even without Looting/Fortune enchantments being present
  • Repair cost for repairing tools often increases much slower now (actually a bugfix)
  • Repair costs of the big tools weren't adjusted to their bonus durability given. They are now. Meaning they take less material to repair.


  • Fix Lumberaxe sometimes not working
  • Fix Shurikens not giving xp/drops when killing mobs
  • Fix throwballs sometimes crashing the game under specific circumstances
  • Fix autosmelt not working on mattocks and in some other cases with effective tools
  • Fix silktouch modifier conflicting with itself in certain part combinations
  • Fix book material index missing materials if too many exist
  • Fix block break progress resetting sometimes if NBT changes
  • Fix cleaver not breaking cobwebs
  • Fix blasting modifier being usable with incompatible modifiers/enchantments
  • Fix items in the offhand not activating on-block-traits
  • Luck modifier also applies on projectiles like shurikens
  • Fix the on-hit fire damage of the blaze modifier not counting as damage dealt by the player (this could make you lose out on drops)
  • Fix Dense-Trait being inverted

Small fixes/changes for the changelog enthusiasts:

  • Add a recipe to craft silky jewel back into silky jewels
  • Alien trait shows its bonus stats now
  • Minor durability buff to obsidian, prismarine and paper
  • More localizations!
  • Texture creation has been adjusted to only create textures for parts that actually need said textures
  • Expanded model capabilities
  • Fix a potential bug where the wrong fluid could get into the smeltery
  • Slime grass does not revert back to slime dirt when the light level is too low
  • Added a config to disable the spawn book