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    Dec 7, 2016
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Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions

  • 1.10.2

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8



Requires Java 8!

Requires Forge

Requires Mantle 1.1.3 and (if used) JEI


Changes and Bugfixes compared to the 2.6.0 alpha:

  • Cobalts Lightweight trait works with bows now
  • Fix attack indicator on crosshair not showing when using a bow or crossbow
  • Fix smeltery/furnace controller not stacking when harvested
  • Fix book links/double-forwards
  • Bolt Cores on bolts can be replaced correctly now
  • Fix smelting progress resetting when shift clicking items in
  • Localization fixes
  • Add missing death messages
  • Harvest level names can be correctly overriden by resourcepacks now



  • Bows are back, as well as the crossbow! You'll find that they've changed quite a bit, but the book has you covered
  • Shortbows are fast and mobile
  • Longbows are slow but have higher range and more base damage
  • Crossbows are really slow but are very accurate, have high damage and partial armor penetration
  • Arrows use different shaft materials with traits
  • Bolts also use the shaft materials as base now
  • New book multistructures
  • New book chapters for the different tools, and bow materials
  • New modifier: fins. Put them onto projectiles for underwater fun


  • Swords now have a "sword" harvestability. Also fixes an incompatibility with Waila Harvestability where swords stopped breaking cobwebs
  • Requires newer JEI now, some recipes are displayed a bit differently now
  • The smeltery and tank now displayes empty space as ingots. Press shift to display bucket space



  • Fix table recipes not showing up in JEI
  • Fix scythe calculating handle durabilities incorrectly
  • Fix shurikens not being repairable with all materials
  • Fix a bug where the last shot of a projectile (Shuriken,...) would not deal damage
  • Fix a bug where projectiles could not hit the Ender Dragon
  • Fix a bug where looting on projectiles wouldn't work for Endermen
  • Fix a bug where the rapier animation didn't play
  • Fix a crash with mods that add extra buttons to GUIs
  • Pattern-/Partchests gotten from destroying the block now correctly stack with newly crafted ones


  • A very small minor API break where an event was renamed because of a typo. I doubt anybody used it.
  • Bow stuff is now finished