"To the Bat Poles!"

"To the Bat Poles" creates a one-way ride out of everyday iron bars!


Simply stack iron bars one-on-top-of-another to create a pole length of your choosing.  Make sure the top of your pole is easily reached, jump at the pole and (provided you don't miss) off you go!


Created for firehouse builds and Batcaves in mind, your poles are an invaluable design tool to facilitate one-way dungeon travel.  For the "immersion" sticklers among you, we have provided the capability of a slow climb back up if that's more your thing.


Pole-dancing skill tree not included!

Requires ForgeEndertech library.

New features

  • Craftable poles from different materials (iron, golden, diamond, obsidian)
  • Redstone poles that lift you when powered
  • Poles made from fences and glass panels
  • Easy building of the pole by stacking it from the ground
  • Better controls, allowing to climb up, spin without sliding down and jump from the pole
  • Placing torches on top of the pole and raising them up to mark points of interest
  • Full customization via config files



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