Tomb Many Graves 2


 Warning: Version 1.12-4.2.0 is not 100% compatible with previous versions of the mod in terms of "other mod interaction". Always back up your game before updating!


This is a re-write of Tomb Many Graves for Minecraft 1.11.2 (by the same author, but maintained by tiffit). The mod desperately needed to be re-written in order to allow better compatibility between mods and configs to be added more easily. This version of the mod is not compatible with pre-1.11.2 versions. 



  • Items return to the exact same slot they were in when you died!Items return
  • Graves adapt to their surroundings! Adapting
  • Grief-resistant! Only the person who died is able to retrieve their items (unless they grant access through the built-in friend system). Blocks are also virtually indestructible and can be locked so that you can't accidentally retrieve items before you're ready! 
  • A list of items that were on your person upon death! Death Inventory

 Build-In Plugins:



Cosmetic Armor Reworked




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