Tool Belt

Note about v1.7.1 for 1.12

You may have noticed a file, 'gigaherz.commons-1.12.1-0.6.4.jar', appearing automatically on the first launch. This is perfectly normal. I just changed the mod's build process to embed the jar dependency instead of shading the code into my jar.

Forge has supported dependency extraction for many years (you may have noticed it for CodeChickenLib back in 1.7.10 or even earlier), but very few mods actually use this system. I learned about it when looking at this, and decided to try the existing system and prepare for it in advance.

WARNING: Item loss bug in v1.3.0 and older

Please update to 1.4.0 or newer, as I have fixed an important item loss bug.


  • Baubles compatibility! (The belt can be placed in the belt slot if Baubles is installed. Get it here)
  • 2 stock slots, upgradeable to 9 by combining with tool pouches in an anvil!
  • Quickly switch between tools using the handy Radial Menu! (Hold R down -- or change the keybind to your preference)
  • It holds any non-stackable item!
    • Item Whitelist, for those cases where "non-stackable" isn't enough to decide what can be inserted
    • Item Blacklist, for when "any" is too much
  • Item Display on Players -- show off your tools at all times! (only the first 2 slots are shown)
    • Now with an actual belt!

Request for comments:

  • Are the recipes ok?
  • How can I improve the mod? Balance? Upgrade difficulty? Suggestions welcome!
  • Want to help translate the mod?

Can I use this in <X>?

Yes. Unless <X>'s license is incompatible with this mod's, which is unlikely.

Help and Support

For bug reports and feature requests, visit the Issue Tracker at GitHub

For questions and comments, visit my IRC channel, #gigamc at EsperNET or write down in the comments section

You can also find me on discord, ID @gigaherz#9173 on the Forge Discord and Minecraft Mod Development servers (please DO NOT DM me unless strictly necessary).


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