Tool Belt


WARNING: Item loss bug in v1.3.0 and older

Please update to 1.4.0 or newer, as I have fixed an important item loss bug.


  • Baubles compatibility! (The belt can be placed in the belt slot if Baubles is installed. Get it here)
  • 2 stock slots, upgradeable to 9 by combining with tool pouches in an anvil!
  • Quickly switch between tools using the handy Radial Menu! (Hold R down -- or change the keybind to your preference)
  • It holds any non-stackable item!
    • Item Whitelist, for those cases where "non-stackable" isn't enough to decide what can be inserted
    • Item Blacklist, for when "any" is too much
  • Item Display on Players -- show off your tools at all times! (only the first 2 slots are shown)
    • Now with an actual belt!

Request for comments:

  • Are the recipes ok?
  • How can I improve the mod? Balance? Upgrade difficulty? Suggestions welcome!
  • Want to help translate the mod?


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