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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2

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  • Java 8


This update is bigger and more impactful than usual. Highlights: the progression of the mod has been redefined, and we finally have models for each carving on a Totem Pole.

Changes to instruments and ceremonies:

Most of this was done by @Pokefenn. The progression through the mod and which instruments are available now goes as follows:

  1. Basic tier: Flute, Drum
  2. Cedar tier: Jingle Dress, Wind Chime
  3. Buffalo tier: Rattle, infused Flute
  4. Eagle tier: Eagle-Bone Whistle

In particular, Buffalo and Cedar tier have been swapped. Crafting recipes, ceremony selectors and ceremony requirements have been changed accordingly. Refer to the Totempedia for details.

Other changes:

  • The Zaphkiel Waltz no longer turns saplings into Red Cedar saplings. This has been moved to a new ceremony, see below.
  • New ceremonies:
    • Symphony of the Depths: A simple ceremony that gives Water Breathing for a few minutes.
    • Rite of Spring: Makes animals (and villagers, NYI) breed. Also turns regular saplings into Red Cedar saplings like the Zaphkiel Waltz used to do.
    • Steve's Lullaby: Cures Zombie Villagers and Zombie Pigmen, turning them into their living counterparts.
    • Danse Macabre: Turns Rotten Flesh into Zombies, with a chance of getting Zombie Villagers.
  • Renamed Flute Imbuation to Serenade of Syrinx. Renamed Mandan Buffalo Dance to Buffalo Dance.
  • Renamed Infused Flute to Pan's Flute
  • Wind Chime can now be sneak+left clicked to play in selector mode

Other changes:

  • Added models for each carving on Totem Poles. These were made by Nefilto. The poles now use a stripped log texture.
    It is planned to add color to the carvings to give them more contrast. Also, for now they always face the same direction.
  • Rewrote a lot of the Totempedia, especially the sections on how to perform ceremonies
  • (@Dylan4ever) New textures for many things. In particular, Red Cedar wood is now actually red-ish.
  • The Bat totem effect now makes you fall slower and kind of glide when sneaking
  • Totem torches can now be walked through
  • Added tooltips to instruments on how to play them in selector mode
  • Removed Russian localization. It was way too outdated.
  • WIP: Added Netherumbrian Pipes, a new instrument. Currently not obtainable in survival.

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