This mod is based on the Transistor game. If you haven't played it, I suggest checking it out! The mod was made for ModJam 2008.1. It pretty much works like the Transistor in game, except functions are more minecraft-y.

Warning! This mod is unfinished! Don't report "This feature is not working" type of bugs, only crashes.



What is what?

  • Top slots are your available Functions. You can't delete them, and you can't unlock them with Points. You can only unlock them by leveling.
  • 4 large center slots are your Attacks, a.k.a Functions that will be used when you left-click. You don't need to unlock them.
  • 2 slots under each Attack are Upgrade slots. Place Function in one of those when you have an Attack installed, and it will apply modifier to it. Those can be unlocked for 1 Point each. 
  • 2 slots on left of Attack + 2 slots on right of Attack are Passive slots. Functions placed in these will modify player as long as they are in there. Some passives require energy, some don't. Those can be unlocked for 2 Points each.
  • The first bar is Memory - each function has different memory requirements (from 1 to 4) and they use memory when installed. You can upgrade memory for 1 Point.
  • The second bar is Energy - maximum Energy is Memory * 1000, so unlocking Memory also gives you more Energy capacity. The Transistor cannot be charged like normal items, it will recharge automatically short while after no energy has been drained. The bar (and also item tooltip) shows cooldown until next recharge. You can use Attacks that use more energy than you have, however that will overload Transistor and next recharge will be after much longer time.

  • The third bar is Level/XP - experience is equal to amount of HP you dealt to another entity. Each level up gives you one Point, and every few levels you will unlock a new Function.


Quoting reddit post:

Functions are unlocked via leveling. Slots too have to be unlocked. There is power, but it can't be recharged, it does that itself when it hasn't been used for a while. There are technically thousands of combinations, since every function can have 2 other functions as upgrades. For example, Ping on Breach increases speed, but Breach on Ping increases distance and power. Void on Jaunt will allow to open portal to pocket dimension, etc. Functions may overload, which will force you to try out new combinations once in a while. It is almost 1:1 clone of Transistor game, except adjusted to Minecraft context. When crafted only available function is Crash, which acts like sword/pickaxe/axe/shovel when used in Attack slot. All Upgrade and Passive slots are locked. Upgrade slot costs 1 point to unlock, Passive costs 2 points, Memory costs 1 point, and Functions are unlocked based on tool's level. Memory is kinda like max stack size - it limits how many active functions can be. So you have to balance out all of those yourself. [...] I won't add more functions (mostly for code and interface reasons, 16 is a very very convenient number), but I will utilize existing ones more than the game did

Video by Mischief of Mice:

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