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    Nov 20, 2017
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Supported Minecraft 1.10 Versions

  • 1.10.2

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8





   - Add mahogany slabs and stairs
   - Add bamboo ladders


   - Actually requires forge 2221 or newer to load this time
   - Make entity rotation on loading screen smoother
   - Sharks are now animated
   - Seahorse and dolphin models resized
   - Sea turtle time to maturity increased
   - Water mobs now respect NoAI:true
   - Add ashen masks to encyclopedia
   - Dolphins can now survive on land
   - Dolphins are chatty now
   - Turtles search for deep water if available
   - Made Koa sit while riding things
   - Move tropics water mobs to vanilla AI system (to allow for more vanilla interaction)
   - Increase pineapple cube drops from slicing
   - Adjust zircon tool strengths to allow for mining of anything iron tools can do
   - Set sounds for thatch and bamboo slabs and bundles
   - Add proper drops and hardnesses for sifter, drink mixer, air compressor
   - Make drinks always edible.
   - Decrease speed given from drinking coffee
   - Iguana armor no longer makes you invincible, sorry!
   - Adjust all armor values and damage amounts


   - Fix overlay for portal water
   - Fix rare crash when breaking/placing a drink mixer or air compressor
   - Fix tropics water not being infinite
   - Fix pineapple render in encyclopedia
   - Fix slab resistances
   - Fix tiki torch placement/drop logic when on fence/wall
   - Fix fence/fencegate hardness
   - Fix race condition for dedicated servers where dataparams come in before client spawn packets
   - Fix bamboo chests losing content when block state is different when placed next to adjacent chest
   - Fix ores only generating in some chunks
   - Fix extra vanilla biome decorations appearing in tropics
   - Pop off coral block if sand underneath disappears
   - Fix bounding boxes and UV values on coconuts
   - Fix bug where some ore drops had incorrect damage values
   - Fix mahogany plank texture error
   - Fix held item display angles for tropics tools
   - Fix occasional sifter crash
   - Fix issue where sifter would use and leave an incorrect amount of sand
   - Fix step sounds for wooden planks
   - Fix cocktail names on scroll