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    May 25, 2018
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2

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  • Java 8




- Add love tropics page to encyclopedia
- Encyclopedia now has entries for entities
- Monkeys now pick up and drink pina coladas from the ground
- Add nigel stache
- Add fish drops, raw and cookable.
- Add raw seaweed, raw nori, and toasted nori. Make seaweed plantable
- Add new sea drops to trades and catchables
- Add configuration for overworld tropics mob spawning, tropics flowers gen
- Make bamboo and pineapple gen rates configurable
- Stranded Koa can now make their own villages provided they have a chest and no previous village nearby, works in any dimension
- Koa now love poison frog skin
- Koa fishers fish for and trade for the added sea drops, hunters have land based trades
- Drugged Koa now attracted to nigel imposters
- Koa now support noteblocks
- Seaweed now starts small and grows over time
- Made Koa require dive computer in hand to get trimix to workaround new trading.
- Updated localization files
- Made more tropicraft blocks flammable, including leaves
- Fixed spawning issues in leaf heavy biomes
- Rebalenced frog, spider, and EIH spawn rates
- Fix EIH building up near you over time if you dont move much
- Fix texture path error with sea turtle egg
- Koa no longer try to stubbornly fish on land
- Fix bamboo chest render BB
- Koa dont show vanilla villager roles anymore
- Remove bamboo sticks from ore dictionary for now due to overriding bamboo ladder recipe
- Fix tropiskelly attack damage, render angle of weapon, and exp drops