Turtle Emperium

Are you a true creator? Are you not scared away by some programming language? Would you like to not only automate the world, but also make the automation-process beautifull? This modpack is created with the intention to create the greatest realms using the so called "turtles" from ComputerCraft.


The pack includes mods like Ex nihilo and Ex Astris, so it is not required to go explore the undergrounds for your resources. You still can if you wish to though.

This pack also includes mods like chisel, forestry and bibliocraft, so you can not only be technical, but you can make your creations pretty as well!


For your technical needs, mods like EnderIO, RFTools and SimplyJetpacks are included.


The only limit is your imagination... And your programming skills...



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    Dec 16, 2016
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