Bumbo Tweakoni


  • Ability to chose if you want to set your spawn when you sleep. (1)
  • Rotator item that rotates rotatable blocks. (3)
  • Makes you take damage even when you shift on magma blocks. (4)
  • Pistons' Push limit can now be changed in config. (5)
  • Prevent accidental interactions with Item Frames. (8)
  • Shift toggle. (9)
  • Durability overlay for Elytras. (10)
  • Jukebox are now accessible via hoppers and droppers. (12)
  • Haste potions. (14)
  • Proper placement of redstone on pistons. (16)
  • Increase/Decrease the gamma level with keybinds. (17)
  • Blocker block that stops mobs from living in a 3x3 chunk area. (18)
  • Place a block under the one that you are standing on using a keybind. (20)
  • Makes redstone placable on Sea Lantern. (21)
  • Carpets don't pop off when there's air under. (23)
  • Setting hopper pull/push priority via a button in the GUI. (24)
  • Villagers are now leashable(except for the Nitwit, he ain't a villager). (25)

Work In Progress

  • Client-sided light when holding light emitting items. (19)

Not Forseeable

  • Directional lights and Spotlights. (2)
  • Customizable super-flat worlds. (6)
  • Inventory Item Highlight. (7)
  • Elytra instant drop. (11)
  • Auto updating maps. (13)
  • Movable lava source blocks. (15)
  • Pushable TileEntities. (22)

This is not a complete mod. Features were requested by MumboJumbo in one of his videos. Of 25, we were only able to finish 4 of them for Modjam due to us behind new to modding and having less time as this was created in a ModJam.

Thank you Searge for conducting this event!

Join our discord for more! https://discord.gg/tqcqeSj


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