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    Jan 4, 2019
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2


As this build skips all releases before it, the changelog here include all changes that has been made. Individual builds may be found here : https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/undergroundbiomesconstruct-fork/files

- Fixed Cobblestone compatibility (Fixes compatibility with RTG & co)

- Added ru_ru.lang

- Enabled Cobble replacement by default

- Added Overgrown Stone support for BOP

- Fixed snowy overgrown patches

- Added support for Nuclearcraft & Growthcraft ores

- Fixed the niter typo

- Fixed the weird tree placement with overgrown stone in some biomes

- Added support for mossy cobblestone

- Fixed an issue with mossy cobble textures

- Added recipes for mossy cobble

- Added oredict entries for basalt, marble, limestone

- Fixed some lang files bugs

- Fixed the harvestablity bug

- Fixed the wrong slab drop when breaking the top half one

- Fixed I18n calls for CraftTweaker compat

- Fixed compatibility with ToolProgression... API available since 1.5.7

- Fixed log spam

- Fixed the wrong slab drop bug

- Added a recipe to convert fossils to bone meal

- Added monster egg stone support (only the stone variant right now)

- Updated ToolProgression support

- Added support for Geolosys ores