The Unity resource pack follows the traditional Minecraft aesthetics but also ties in small details by upscaling the base texture and adding highlights. This method is known as hybrid-texturing. At first glance the textures appear 16X but the details are subtle and impact overall visuals significantly.

Mods are retextured using the Unity pack for vanilla Minecraft as a base and will have unique design characteristics tied in to stay true to the original. The idea is to keep the authors original vision alive and well... but packaged a little nicer.

Vanilla Minecraft was retextured simply because I felt it was falling behind, visually, compared to the look of mods these days. The scope of this project is to set a common ground; touch up vanilla, unify mod textures, and keep the mods unique.


Supported mods on 1.7.10:

Iron Chests
Big Reactors
Blood Magic
Thermal Expansion
Thermal Foundation
MineFactory Relaoded

Blue Power
Aplied Energistics 2
AE2 Stuff
Arcane Arteries
Blood Arsenal
Chicken Chunks
Dense Ores
Ender Storage
Extra Bees
Funky Locomotive
Gravity Suit
Extra Bees
FTB Library
Hardcore Ender Expansion
Magic Bees
Steve's Factory Manager
Trophy Slots
Hardcore Questing Mode
Progressive Automation
Chisel (Wood blocks only) 
Biomes o' Plenty(Incomplete)

Supported mods on 1.10.2:

Iron Chests
Chisels & Bits
IndustrialCraft 2
Advanced Machines
Tinkers' Construct (Not including tools)
Gravity Suit
Hardcore Questing Mode
Progressive Automation
Chisel(Wood blocks only)


Suggestions go on Github.


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