KingWealthyturtle's Custom License (for Minecraft Mods) - Version 1.4:


1. You are Free to Use this Mod in your Modpack or in your Videos. However, You Must Credit this Mod in Some Form of a Mod List or Modpack/Video Description.


2. Do Not Edit or Redistribute this Mod Without Permission in Any Way (This Includes Re-Posting this on Other Minecraft Platforms) (Exception: Rule 1).


3. Do Not Claim that the Mod is Created/Owned by Yourself (With the Exception of the Original Mod Author(s)/Owner(s) Saying so).


4. This Mod Can be MonetizedOnly if it Also Includes your Own Work (E.g. Modpack, Video Showcases). This Mod Cannot be Monetized if it is Just a Copy, with Little-to-No Effort Put in.


5. You May Use this Mod (Only Partially) to Make Your Own Mod. However, at the same time, You Must Also Credit this Mod. (E.g. Based of ..., Inspired by ..., etc.)


6. The User of this License has the Right to Amend/Change/Update it Without Any Prior Informs. It is Not His/Her Responsibility to Inform the Users Using His/Her's Particular Mod.


7. In Any Dispute, the Original Author(s)/Owner(s)' Decision will Always Prevail.


8. This License Itself (KingWealthyturtle's Custom License (for Minecraft Mods) - Version 1.4) is Subjected to Parts 1-7, which are Stated Above. (Only Exceptions: Replace "Mods" with "License", and Certain Examples May Not Fit).