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This mod is also featured under my account name @ planetminecraft.com. It is not stolen. I have made a note on the PM page that can be viewed here.

This will allow you to take a diamond tool, and apply super hard obsidian, with a touch of gold, to create a better tool.

For those bosses out there who play Minecraft like a boss, I’ve added something special for you guys. Your going to need to hunt down, and kill Endermen to harness the power of the mysterious Enderpearl. With these pearls, you can imbue your already advanced weaponry into something worthy of the gods…

5 new tools, slightly stronger and faster than diamond.
5 new “God” tools, Hard to obtain, very, very, fast.
Recipes list can be found in the recipes.txt file.

To install:

Download- I’m not going to make you go to any adfly garbage…So that being said, just click the link.
Open the Readme file included.
If you have questions, please contact me.
Requires ModLoader

Add names -done
Get feedback from users -in progress
Armor? -probably
Bow/arrows? -possibly
Possibility to upgrade further to “God status” EX. “God axe” -DONE!

Version history
2.0: God tools added. Increased durability and fast speed.
1.1: Names added, increased mod compatibility.
1.0: Initial release

Technical information
Item ids used:

Extra info
This is my first, ever, mod and plunge into the java language.
I am VERY open to feedback, positive or negative, and new ideas.


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