Useful Interior

Useful Interior



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This mod adds a bunch of Furniture and other decorative Items / Blocks to the Game. 


Besides decorative blocks, there are also functioning blocks like a Microwave and an Oven.


Video by Logdotzip:


Video by Neumatix:


Video by palmerg:


Latest Update

  • 0.12 - Christmas Update

    • Added Extractor Fan
    • Added Lunchbox
    • Added Door Garland
    • Added Blinking Door Garland
    • Added Empty Bookshelf
      • Can be disabled in Config
    • Added Vegetable Mix
    • Added Vegetable Oil
    • Added Vegetable Shortening
    • Added Candles (all 16 colors)
    • Added Star
    • Added new Advancements
    • [CHANGED] End Toilet texture
    • [CHANGED] Counter with Fryer Recipe
    • [FIXED] Pan item model for First Person and Third Person

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Useful Interior works with JEI and Pam's HarvestCraft.


A List of all Items / Blocks can be found on the Wiki







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