Useful Interior

Useful Interior



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This mod adds a bunch of Furniture and other decorative Items / Blocks to the Game. 


Besides decorative blocks, there are also functioning blocks like a Microwave and an Oven.


Video by Neumatix:


Latest Update

0.10 - Park Update

  • Added Park Benches
    • Oak
    • Spruce
    • Birch
    • Jungle
    • Acacia
    • Dark Oak
  • Added Park Trash Cans (all colors)
  • Added Cobblestone Rim
  • Added Campfire with Cobblestone Rim (Right Click with Cobblestone Rim)
  • Added Park Paths (Right Click Gravel / Dirt Path with Cobblestone Rim)
  • Added Street Lanterns
  • Added Coffee Cookie
  • Added Water Particle Block
  • Changed Battery Charger UI Texture
  • Added Toilet Tooltip
  • Added Sink Splashing (Right Click any Sink)
  • Coffee Powder can now be used as brown dye
  • Magma Bucket Texture is now Animated
  • [BUG] Fixed Trashcan deleting not working (changed key from alt to shift)
  • [BUG] Fixed Campfire Model (More Symmetrical)


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Useful Interior works with JEI and Pam's HarvestCraft.


A List of all Items / Blocks can be found on the Wiki







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