Useful Stuffs

Something that you may find handy through the gameplay


NOTICE: version 2.2.1 fixed the problem that causes it to crash on the server, download 2.2.1 or later if you want to load it on the server side. (1.10.2 versions are fine)


Features added:

 - Berry bushes: Randomly generated in the world, berries can be used as dyes or alternative food source

Randomly generated in the world

Berries can be used as dyes in recipes

 - Universal User: A machine that will simulate a player, and do energy/fluid recharge to the items it holds at the same time

No more extract, charge item and insert from now on

All in one is the trend, BRO.

 - Fluid Containers and Tank Frame: More advanced automation!

 --- Fluid Container: A portable fluid storage, works as a big bucket

 --- Tank Frame: Put a Fluid Container inside, it becomes a fluid tank block

An empty tank frame, and five tiers of Fluid Container

Fluid Container works as a big bucket

Put a Fluid Container inside a Tank Frame, a fluid tank block appears

 - Light Shooter: Projectile light source, shoots lights to an unreachable place

 - Ring of Stabilizing: Remove the mining speed debuff when you are not on the ground 

Stabilize your mining pose in the air

 - Filing Cabinets:

 --- Unstackable: Just likes the filing cabinet in XU 1.7.10, stores unstackable items

 --- NBT: Store stacks which has NBT tag on

Unstackable Filing Cabinet

NBT Filing Cabinet

 - Milk Bag: Store milk inside it, no more buckets

All in one!

Make some cheese, it's good for you

 - Mining Backpack: Automatically collect mining resources and ability to quick deposit to chests

 - Packing Glue: Lets you seal up blocks and pick them up

The durability consumed depends on the block

Refill using slimeballs

 - Potion Effects:

 --- Li-ly: Make you float, sprint on liquid

 --- Fiery Li-ly: Fire Resist + Lily

 --- Parachute: Reduce falling damage

Fiery Lilypads can be found in nether

 - Enchantments: 

 --- Frugal (Packing Glue): Decrease the durability needed to take a block

 --- Fast Draw: Shorten the time needed to pull the bow

Fast draw, aim fast.

 - Campfire of Traveller's Wisdom: Create a buff area by consuming fuel

Place logs beneath it to increase the buff radius, the bigger the radius, the faster it consumes fuel

 - Portal Muffler: Mutes the annoying sound of the nether portal

 - Rain Detector

Nothing special to do with it, I know. I'm just proud of the model I made.

 - And other useful stuffs


This is a mod that I practice my coding skill with. If you found something that violates your copyrights, contact me and I will remove it immediately.

Leave a comment below if you have a suggestion, I will try to implement it!


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