Valkyrien Warfare



Valkyrien Warfare is an airships mod that aims to succeed where all other mods have failed. Unlike mods before this, Valkyrien Warfare incorporates world regions, GJK ray-trace collision, and a custom (in house) Physics Engine designed to make your airship experience as realistic, and enjoyable as possible. 


It supports players walking on ships, rotation on all 3 axes, perfect block interaction (semi-perfect with other mods), SMP support, Multi-Threaded collision physics, and really whatever you can think of.


Its a labor of love, coming directly from all fans of airship combat in Minecraft, we hope you enjoy it.


Gifs and Photos:

Explosion Physics:


Terrain Destruction

Airship Battles:




We also have an official discord:

Come whenever to suggest features, report bugs,

or just to plain hang out


Open Sourced on Github:




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