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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2
  • 1.12.1
  • 1.12

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8


mc1.12[.1/.2]-4.2.0 - Last Gasp Before The Great (not backwards compatible) Flattening Begins...

  • FIX: Errors in carton block properties that caused issues with Buildcraft facade builder.
  • FIX: Upsizing of vanilla animal drops no longer disabled!
  • FIX: Several issues with MC-1.12.2 shapeless recipes not working for items with NBT data (like aquaculture's raw fish, etc.)
  • FIX: Incompatibility with betterwithmods due to aliasing of brown and red mushrooms (VFP should work better with this mod now)
  • FIX: Regular zomberts drop tainted souls far less often now; villager zomberts unaffected.
  • FIX: Some errors in definition of the 'Well Balanced' advancement.
  • FIX: Bowl of water not registered under 'listAllwater' for use with Harvestcraft recipes.
  • FIX: Plums weren't registered ingredient for fruit kebabs (Harvestcraft, Terraqueous, etc.).
  • FIX: Simple fried egg smelting no longer disabled automatically if Harvestcraft present (as it no longer has a conflicting recipe).
  • FIX: Smelting raw (unprepared) polar bear meat produces charred meat now for same effect as killing bear with fire-aspect.
  • FIX: Can now use harvestcraft's TofuXXX foods as a protein source in generic decker sandwiches (well that was a whoopsie...)
  • FIX: SmartHopper packaging recipe for potion water bottles from VFP water bottles producing uncraftable potions
  • FIX: All llama fleece colors (not just meta=0) registered under 'blockWool' oredict key now
  • FIX: The bed recipe using llama fleece blocks changed to require 2 blocks not 3 as fleece produces 50% more than wool
  • FIX: The potion produced by golden sugar now matches the effects profile player gets when eating the sugar directly
  • ENH: You can merge damaged flint cutters for repair on crafting grid now (esp. useful for storing fished up cutters).
  • ENH: Most craft recipes that use bottled water or bottled milk/cream now leave the empty bottles for reuse.
  • ENH: Added crafting recipe for a single fried egg (also added a new fried egg white from cooking egg whites).
  • ENH: Allow egg whites as a substitute for egg in a few recipes; added fried egg white for use in sandwiches.
  • ENH: Guardian air sacs provide lingering effect for brewing purposes and have a higher max stack size now.
  • ENH: Guardian air sacs work outside of water provided the player's air supply is being depleted. This makes it useful to counteract other causes of 'dry drowning' such as potion effects and environment side-effects (eg choking in smoke).
  • ENH: A butchering axe can now be used in many crafting recipes in place of a flint cutter. Each crafting use decreases axe's durability by 1pt wich has been increased to match other modded flint tools.
  • ENH: Conversion recipe for dark empty jars from 8x clear jars + 1 brown dye
  • ENH: Alternate recipes for basic 'Heavy Weight' and 'Decker Press' items that do not rely on pressure plates (betterwithmods compatibility request)
  • CHG: Restrictions on the Butcher Axe's hit target have been removed so whatever you hit with it gets hit including other players. It's still a pretty crap general-purpose weapon though. Also, you can now repair it like any regular tool via crafting two damaged ones together (config to allow repair has been removed as its pointless as of now).
  • CHG: Recipe for bit measure that uses glass panes changed to use another bit-measure instead of a bowl+stick
  • NEW: Config option to let you disable installation of our trading for VFP items with mods like FarmingForBlockheads. Will also affect any villager merchant trades added by the mod.
  • NEW: Bowl of milk to complement the bowl of water for cases where sand/glass is too scarce to make lots of bottles.
  • NEW: Starter yeast item for use in single player mod-packs that remove basic vanilla items like mushrooms, crop seeds, etc. Provides an alternate path to leavening agent for creating mod's dough.
  • NEW: Sun Butter Spread as made from roasted sunflower kernels (it's like peanut butter)! Added a couple of new recipes that use this new ingredient including two jams so you can make SB&J sandwiches with just vanilla food!
  • NEW: Moonshine Potions and Bootleg Gelo! Tired of lugging around inventory-hogging unstackable potions? Tired of being squished as you fumbled around trying to find the right potion via tooltips in your inventory because every-single-potion looks pink (which is an awesome color btw)? Moonshine potions (aka 'tonics') is what you need...Two new recipes let you convert your potions to stackable tonics with the same effects or any combination thereof. You can even assign cutsey names and colors if that's what floats yer boat! Works with Rustic's elixirs as well. Read wiki @ Moonshine Potion Mixing.
  • NEW: A couple new foods by request: Carrot Burgers and VFP-ish recipes for Minecraft cake and pumpkin pie. Added cake slices to make cakes more useful as a food source...
  • DEV: Verified initial integration with Terraqueous(fruits), Exotic Birds(eggs+meats), Familiar Fauna(meats), and Salty Mod(mawh salt! +meats+bread) mods.
  • DEV: Verified up-to-date integration with latest 1.12.x release of Harvestcraft, Aquaculture, Rustic, CookingForBlockheads.