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    Dec 19, 2018
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2

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  • Java 8


mc1.12.2-4.3 (Dec-2018), "Tan Tan Tan Taaaaaaan...Tan Tan Tan Taaaaaaan..."

This version makes a few recipe changes that can impact existing CraftTweaker scripts and automation setups so you need to re-verify your changes after installing.

  • FIX: Harmful foods like raw bear meat weren't giving the poison effect when eaten or when potion brewing was disabled
  • FIX: Moonshine Tonic potion effects weren't clearable with a milk bucket by default (only applies to potions where milk is curative)
  • ENH: INITIAL support for universal buckets (water, lava, milk) in recipes; let us rejoice with our clay buckets! Slow down...not all recipes are updated yet (only JSON-based ones)...working on it!
  • FIX: Loot chest enrichment now checks if any mob drops or the specific mob drop allowed before putting drop into loot table (eg polar crystal into igloo chest)
  • FIX: If ocelot drops are disabled, the 'Bane of Ocelots' item is not added to creeper drops
  • FIX: Conditions to a couple recipes so they check if required mod drops disabled by configs (note: you should use CraftTweaker to make VFP conform to your preferred progression)
  • FIX: Updates to various advancements to include new foods from 4.1.0 and later
  • FIX: Food values for meals that use whole flat bread for completer instead of bread slices
  • FIX: Tulip tonic's saturation corrected to what it was supposed to be since like three versions ago... So now in addition to fire dousing effect it gives full saturation.
  • CHG: Extra water recipes that use an ice block now require a bit o' heat for consistency (melting ice and as 'water treatment' if TAN is present)
  • NEW: New recipe for a "Fortified" moonshine tonic which keeps good potion effects even if milk bucket consumed (basically what tonics were originally). Uses vinegar to 'neutralize' milk or something like that...
  • NEW: New option that controls recipes to craft blaze rods and magma cream from VFP's lava sand (matches the ender pearl config introduced in 4.2.1)
  • NEW: Support for ToughAsNails or similar mod that have requirements for water treatment. Controlled by new 'treat_raw_water' config; if enabled, a couple base recipes are changed to require a "water treating ingredient" like boiling (bit o' heat) or filtering (TAN's charcoal filter). Details on ToughAsNails integration wiki page. Support includes:
    • All consumable liquids like juices, teas, even soups can quench some thirst
    • A bucket of Potable water can reduce body temperature and provide some heat resistance for a short time
    • Stews and soups can be (re)heated to give additional saturation (general feature) and increase body temperature (food remains heated for 6-8mins after adding bit o' heat then you have a reheat it again)
    • Sno-cones will reduce body temperature a teeny little bit
    • Juices and Fizzy drinks can be chilled to reduce body temperature and relieve over heating