ViesCraft - Airships!


Current version: Release v5.9.13

1.12.2 - v5.9.13 uses Forge 2655+ : JAVA 8. <-- Anything above v5.9.0 is like a fresh install!

Old versions: 

1.12.0 - v5.0.6 uses Forge 2387+ : JAVA 8.

1.11.2 - v5.0.10 uses Forge 2228+ : JAVA 8.

 1.11.0 - v4.8.2 uses Forge 2189+ : JAVA 8.

1.10.X - v5.5.1 uses Forge 2185+ : JAVA 8.

  1.9.4 - v4.8.2 uses Forge 1976+ : JAVA 8. 


It is always a great idea to give more than 1GB of RAM to Modded Minecraft ~

~ Note for servers, you must enable flying in the server configs! ~




What is this mod?

ViesCraft - Airships is an easy to use mod that brings something new to Minecraft, the ability to create highly customizable airships! All airships can be upgraded, consume fuel to fly, and have an expansion module system which can enhance any airship to fit your needs! Fly your faction's colors, enhance your airship, change your airship's appearance, and just explore your world in style. Sky's the limit!



- 4 Stats to enhance        - Any Unique airship name        - 4 Unique Particles

- 2 Unique frame models        - 3 Unique engine models        - 5 Unique balloon models

- 65 Unique frame skins / rgb color / transparency

- 10 Unique balloon patterns / rgb color / transparency

- A crazy amount of Display Symbols        - 9 Unique Airship Modules



  • - Airship balloon pronunciations: Viesdenburg [Vise-den-berg], Viesigible [Vie-sij-ible], Viesepelin [ Vie-sep-lyn], Viesakron [ Vise-ah-cron].
  • - Use any vanilla fuel source to power any airship except for buckets of lava (by design). These items will burn for their vanilla burn times.
  • - The GUI for an airship can only be accessed by the steering player while mounted in the airship.
  • - When an airship runs out of fuel, it will not be able to elevate. All motion controls becomes stiffer and slower as well as it gradually descends. Pro Tip: Don't be over water or lava!
  • - If an airship is empty, it will float slowly at an increasing speed back to the ground. No need to worry about a fully fueled airship taking an hour to float back down, unless an animal is in it...
  • - While in a multiplayer server, if you are in an airship and log out, your airship will disappear with you. The server restarting has no effect on this. When you log back in, you will still be in your airship and still be flying. However, if you have any passengers and log out, they will assume control and you will drop out of the airship when you log back in...
  • - Airships hate water (unless you have the Water Landing module active)! When you submerge it enough, it will start to smoke. If you do not get out in time, it will explode with a chance of dropping random parts. This will hurt...


Note for Modpack Creators

Feel free to use this mod in any modpacks you want. I only ask that you please use the Curse/Curseforge download and do not rehost the files. Thanks!


Mod Future

Got any suggestions? Let me know! 

Anything that is Struckthrough is done and ready to go.


UPDATED 8/9/2018

This section just keeps getting bigger and bigger!


Short term plans

- Most of the core logic for machines is done. Finishing up new movement system. 

- Rewriting the upgrade system. Still debating if upgrades should be applied via the menu or if you should just click on the machines with the upgrade in hand. Kind of thinking the latter?

- The old module system is being replace with the enhancement system.

- Adding a penalty for flying machine flying in storms. The higher the altitude, the higher the chance of getting struck by lightning. Airship upgrades help mitigate this.
- Reworking water damage logic to feel more realistic.


After the above changes, I will tackle the water machines, then ground.





My plans going forward:

1.13 is coming around the corner and I am going to use the time between now and then to restructure my mod. This is what will be happening:

This mod "ViesCraft - Airships!" will be for all versions below 1.13. I will do bug fixes on any past releases, and may even add all of the features of 1.12.2 to the 1.10.2 version if there is enough demand and when time permits.


UPDATED 6/12/2018

I will be making a new mod with my new branding (WIP). This mod is still a loose idea and everything is subject to change but my ideas so far:


I think that the visual customization will be compressed. For example, having 65 frame skins. Who is going to use the dirt skin? The gravel skin? Honestly most stone skins are so similar anyways. I can cull it back to a good 12 skins that I feel everyone would want to use. This would greatly reduce the size of the mod, giving me more freedom to add other features further down the road. 
On a side note, I have been considering removing the transparency and coloring options. Most of the players I have spoken to say they don't use them, the skins are enough. Do you agree? Tell me what you think! If people use the option out there, I will add it. Comment or PM me!


  • There will be 3 types of machines with sub-types :
    • Ground (Hovercraft, ???) - Fastest machine, best mobility, can hover over liquids. These machines can glide after jumping.
    • Water (Submarine, ???) - Quick underwater movement and supplies oxygen to riding entities. These machines can make the visibility in water much better.
    • Flying (Airship, ???) - Slower speed and maneuverability compared to ground machines, but provides air travel. These machines provide featherfall to dismounted entites.
  • Machines will have HP(Health Points) and MP(Machine Points). HP measures overall health of the machine, while MP is used to enable various features (appearance, abilities, emergency repair, etc).
  • When machines "die" (reach 0 HP) they breakdown. Broken machines cannot move and must be repaired before using again.
  • All machines can be repair or converted back into an item with the appropriate tool.
  • There will be 3 main stats for all machines :
    • Frame - Used by all machines, dictates max HP and MP.
    • Engine - Used by all machines, dictates speed and fuel efficiency.
    • Component -
      • Ground machines - Affects maneuverability and jump power.
      • Water machines - Affects maneuverability and air supply.
      • Flying machines - Affects maneuverability and max altitude.
  • Machines will have only 3 tiers for each main stat. Each tier level will be more meaningful in bonuses.
  • A new projectile firing system. Planned types : single fire, beam, aoe, frontal cone.
  • Machines will have a lot more built in features like the Radio (play any record from all mods currently running), autorun (press forward once and keep moving forward), MMM or Minecraft Machine Mending (just like AAA, you can repair a broken machine witht he press of a button), etc.
  • Module system will be drastically changing and will be fewer. What will change:
    • Modules will be one step (no more lesser, normal, greater).
    • The benefits will be drastically better (64 slot storage for example).
    • More utility modules like the entity grappling hook.
  • The Machine Transmogrifier. This will be a placeable block that can change machines from one type to another. May also be what upgrades machine stats and changes appearance?

May add later:

  • Armor system for battle.
  • A leash system for machine linking.
  • A machine npc (villager "fighter ace"???).


Why am I doing this?

It just makes sense. This mod will be drastically different from my current version and could be a confusing in the future when trying to troubleshoot issues.


Thoughts? Ideas? Let me know!





Potential Ideas:


- Add holiday specific things in the mod. The holidays will be New Years, Valentine's Day, Easter, Independence Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. During these dates (many days before and after) new display symbols will become available. They will stay after the event until changed. You will find holiday themed variants in: Frame Textures, Particles, Engine Display Symbols, Balloon Patterns.



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