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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2

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  • Java 8


*** WARNING! This is a complete mod rewrite! Items and airships from previous versions do not carry over. It will be like doing a fresh install. It was a necessary evil. : ) ***

I am going to keep things short as there are over 10 pages to my changelog this update. I wouldn’t want to put anyone through that.


  • There is now only one (1) kind of airship, known simply as an “Airship”. This will be able to do it all. Upgrade and customize it to your hearts content.
  • Airship upgrade paths and stats have been redesigned.

        Core- Effects the max stored Redstone along with the quality of the airship and available models. You can now mix and match between the frame, engine and balloon models! More to come.

        Frame- Effects the forward speed and frame textures. Each tier unlocks more frame skins, eventually leading to coloring and transparency options.

        Engine- Effects the fuel efficiency and the new display system. The display system eventually leads to the application of custom particles.

        Balloon- Effects the max altitude and balloon textures. Each tier unlocks more balloon patterns, eventually leading to coloring and transparency options.


  • There are new models to choose from now in the Core upgrade path. There are 5 models for balloons, 3 engines, and 2 frames.
  • The Appearance system has seen a facelift and is now called the Customize system. This allows you to change everything about your airship’s appearance.
  • The Engine Particles you can choose from Runes, Rainbow Runes, Flames, and Rainbow Flames.
  • A new customize system has been added, the Display Symbol system! You can now display Items, Blocks, Symbols, and even heads on your airships! Just another reason to upgrade your airships! You can choose a custom symbol, use a block/item, an entity head, or a supporter head.
  • Airships can now be given a custom name. This can be changed in the new Customize section the the airship menu. The default name is “Airship”. If you use the creative airship, the default name is “Creative”. Airship names can be up to 16 characters long. Any airship items will be called by their custom name.
  • An airship’s name and active fuel bar is now displayed over airships with no entities in them. The airship name is color codes to reflect the quality of the airship. This can be disabled via the configs.
  • All of the Airship GUIs have been completely redesigned. They all now show more information in the form of tool tips and have an easier to understand layout. Any place where you can apply a change, there are now buttons to undo said changes.
  • There is a new system to handle making any airship changes. This is the Stored Redstone system. You can find it in the airship menu button labeled “Redstone”. Any time you want to change appearances, airship names, or even toggle a module on, there is a Redstone cost.
  • You can now preview customize choices by clicking on the options in the GUI. The airship preview in the GUIs will now apply independent changes for the sections they are in. For example, if I am in Core -> Frame, I will see what my airship will look like with a new model for the frame with my current textures, patterns, etc. Nothing is applied until you click the “Apply” button.
  • There is a new module available, the Bombing Module! This is a request I got a lot from players and am happy to have to fully working. I went all out with it. You can now craft bombs, 3 different ones (listed below), and add them to an airship. Any bombs added to the airship stay with the airship even when the module is turned off. After bombs are added, you must click the “Armed” button to arm the airship. This is a safety feature so you don’t accidently drop bombs. After that, simply aim and press the “C” key (can be changed in the options). Tier 1 - airships move 75% slower, Tier 2 - airships move 50% slower, Tier 3 - airships move 25% slower. Bombs will explode if they hit water, lava, webs or a solid block. There is a 3 second cool down to dropping bombs.

        Bomb Types:

        Small Bomb – This bomb has the same destructive force as TNT. Airships can hold a max of 64.

        Big Bomb – This bomb has 2x the strength as TNT. Airships can hold a max of 16.

        Scatter Bomb – When this detonates, it launches 4 small bombs in a + pattern. It can be highly erratic... Airships can hold a max of 8.


  • Added a supporter tab to the Display Symbol system, check out my patreon page to learn more!
  • All airship frame and balloon textures have been revamped. Higher resolutions ftw!
  • The rendering system has seen an overhaul. I can now more efficiently use textures. For example, Multipass Rendering is enabled and working. Airship frames and balloons will now all share a common base background I.E. Iron, and one overlay will be shared for all variants of a version (for vent placement, etc). This greatly reduces the size of the mod.
  • All recipes have been reviewed and updated. Updated the recipes for the logic chip, bomb casing, bomb small, bomb big, bomb scatter, airship workbench, viesoline pellets, module type base, module bombing lesser, module bombing, module bombing greater, module lesser fuel efficency.
  • The guidebook should now be updated and good to go!
  • Cleaned up the configs! Got rid of all of the old crap that doesn't do anything anymore.
  • Airships are now more durable. They are now projectile and explosion resistant!
  • Localization has never been better! I think I officially got everything, or almost everything sorted out and easier to deal with.
  • Standardized all item registry and variable names.
  • Added a new Particle system! Airship smoke, Bomb Fuse Smoke, Bomb Fuse Flame, Bomb Explosion Small, and Bomb Explosion Large (to name a few) all respect block hitboxes. The particle showing through blocks breaks immersion. Also particles will no longer keep spawning when the client is paused.
  • Airship blades now spin in opposite directions, make it feel more real.
  • Stored airship inventory items now save with the airship if you convert it back into an item. This is nice when the storage module is in use.
  • The frame and balloon color system has been updated. The GUIs now have buttons for a lot of the basic colors you may want, to make the selection process faster. Also, if you put any incorrect characters in, it defaults to 0. If you go above the number cap, it defaults to 255.
  • In main Frame/Balloon textures GUI, the selected skin is grayed out.
  • Made a lot of enhancements in the network packet system.
  • Removed the Core upgrade restrictions imposed on the Frame, Engine, and Balloon upgrades.
  • Creative airships will now automatically be named Creative, have max upgrades, 1000 stored redstone, all modules, and max of each bomb type.
  • Rewrote the Fuel intake code to more accurately check for items in the fuel slot. This should get rid of the client sync issue.
  • Added a new balloon texture, "Crumpled".
  • The creative tab icon for items in now the creative airship item.
  • Fixed a fuel dup bug that affected all versions of airships.
  • Fixed the bug where if you press "r" (open airship GUI) outside of an airship, then started riding it, the GUI automatically pops up.
  • Fixed Waila name when targeting airships. It will now display the Custom Name.
  • Fixed an issue where the Music button in the Airship's Music GUI would not work on first click.
  • Fixed incorrect enum calls while registering airship variants. Didn't affect anything unless I added more tiers.
  • Fixed a bug with Fuel Slot logic pulling from a specific versions fuel values instead of the general fuel values.
  • Fixed an issue with airships consuming upgrades. Wouldn't consume the item in the upgrade item slot. Affected all 4 slots.
  • Fixed the 3d airship model view in the appearances tab. It was showing a choppy messed up version of the airship randomly before.
  • Fixed an issue where smoke particles would not correctly track the airships Yaw.
  • Fixed an issue with airship propeller spinning correctly. Blade spin for propellers are now handled in the Renderer, not the model. Redesigned the calculations for blade spin to a future idea of making propellers spin faster when moving.
  • Fixed the bug where in the GUI, the airship model was randomly rotated instead of statically set at a 45 degree angle.
  • Fixed some color enum names to better reflect what everyone calls names. For example, Lime is now Green, Fuchsia is now Magenta, Aqua is now Cyan, etc…
  • Fixed a rendering issue where textures glitches out.
  • Fixed the Music random button to accurately pick out a song it is allowed to.
  • Fixed the tooltips for Airship Items. Holding shift will show the Core, Frame, Engine, Balloon, Stored Redstone, and Current Module.
  • Fixed an issue where when you spawn an airship, it will rotate in the same direction you are looking at.