Vintagecraft v0.7.56


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    May 31, 2015
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Terrain Generation:
- Feature: Added new Tree "Kauri" for Subtropical areas for which there were no trees
- Feature: Added one new Forest Plant "Horsetail" and one new Meadow Flower "Cow Parsley"
- Feature: Added young forests (normal forests with young trees)
- Feature: 3 new ore deposits
    - Galena, smeltable into Lead Ingots. Currently no use.
    - Sulfur, currently no use.
    - Saltpeter, spawns on cave walls, currently no use. (Will be used in the future with sulfur and charcoal to create blasting powder)

- Tweak: Terrain Generator should no longer generate extremly large overhangs
- Tweak: Terrain Generator generates more flat areas
- Tweak: Thicker Sedimentary layers
- Tweak: Generate slightly more trees during WorldGen
- Tweak: Changed number of occurences for some deposits: Clay (+60%), Rock salt (+30%), Peat (-20%), Fire Clay (+60% and +1 thickness)
- Tweak: Made Oak Trees more common
- Tweak: Somewhat better tree generation for birch, scots pine and myrtlebeech
- Tweak: Lowered Lava Layer from y=40 to y=12
- Fix: Peat and Clay no generates with a grass layer when not on the surface


Gameplay Balance:
- Feature: Added exhaustion (hunger generation) for a number of activities, such as mining, using the anvil, throwing stones.
- Feature: Added Armored+Weaponized Zombies and Skeletons. Gear quality increases with greater world difficulty and spawn height (the
deeper the harder the mobs)
- Feature: Grace timer for new worlds - Mob cap is 0 for the first days, then increases by 15 each day until a mob cap of 70/80/90 is
reached, dependent on game difficulty (configurable)
- Feature: Mobs and Players wearing helmets significantly reduces knock out chance by thrown stones (halfed with leather helmet,
quartered with copper helmet,...)

- Feature: Vessel can hold a bunch of Vanilla Items

- Tweak: Crafting a Stove now requires an iron plate instead of an iron ingot
- Tweak: Stone Pot may only hold 5 coal instead of 10
- Tweak: Reduced ingot stack size from 64 to 16, making ingot piles more useful, as they still can hold 64 ingots per block
- Tweak: Reduced Stone Hammer durability by half, to encourage the use of metal hammers
- Tweak: Ingots cool down 50% quicker
- Tweak: Gravel occasionally drop stones too (1/8 chance)
- Tweak: Chalk and Chalk/Limestone also occassionally drops flint (1/8 * 1/3 chance)
- Tweak: Can now craft only Oak Doors, but there from any planks

- Tweak: Firestarter can now be placed on the tool rack and is not stackable
- Tweak: Added tooltip to toolheads: "Combine with a stick to complete the tool"
- Tweak: Can now Mix&Match Stongs/Logs/Planks for Stone tools, Crafting Table, Bed, and some other recipes
- Fix: Lots and lots of broken recipes due to overlaps in oredictionary entries
- Fix: Oddly shaped ingots can no longer be repaired by stacking them on ingot piles
- Fix: Fixed Anvil sounds not playing for other players
- Fix: Breaking anvil will drop it's contents now
- Fix: When applying a technique on a stone anvil and the anvil breaks on the last technique - the worked ingots entered an invalid
- Fix: Firepits and Stoves should no longer suddenly stop smelting/cooking
- Fix: The Rocktype Claystone was never generating
- Fix: Renamed Straw to Dry Grass
- Fix: Removed doubleslab because unfinished anyway
- Fix: Merging itemstacks of hot ingots into the anvil via mouse didn't merge them even if they were mergable

Graphics and Effects:
- Tweak: Hot Ingots will be colored red in the player inventory
- Tweak: Removed Vintagecraft leather armor textures, since vanilla ones look better right now
- Tweak: Improved Ingot Pile/Metal Plate Textures (tileable, more smooth)
- Tweak: Redone oak Leaves
- Tweak: Iron ingot item matches placed ingot
- Tweak: Improved textures for quartz crystal, sylvite, dry grass
- Tweak: Improved looks of Ingot Piles by offsetting the texture for each ingot

- Tweak: More fitting graphcis for clay blocks

- Feature: Added Copper Wire recipe to anvil. Copper wire is currently just remodeled and retextured redstone
- Feature: Added new models for redstone torches and repeaters, not sure if they look good right now
- Begin work on Village Generator, no visible result ingame
- Begin work on Dynamic Tree Generator v2, no visible result ingame