Vintagecraft v0.7.63


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    Jun 23, 2015
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Supported Minecraft 1.8 Versions

  • 1.8

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  • Java 8


Please note: This release is might be unstable and may contain unfinished features. It was released to fix a rather major crash related to mob spawning in certain chunks.


- Feature: Brand new Gui for the Anvil Recipe Helper. Can select from a list of template recipes instead of cycling through them via button
- Feature: Added Zombie and Skeleton Riders which ride Zombie/Skele Horses (they only spawn after 20/15/10 minecraft days in flat areas, depending on difficulty) 
- Feature: Added Forest spiders, spawning in from spider eggs surrounded by cobwebs in thick, temperate forests. Custom AI tells the Spiders to return back to their nest if too far away


- Tweak: Baby zombie no longer spawn
- Tweak: Removed copper wire recipe again, it's functions will be replaced by another system
- Tweak: Removed metal rhodium and rodium ore, replaced with Titanium and Ilmenite ore
- Fix: Flowers should have correct names now

- Fix: Should fix crash releated to mob spawning
- Gfx Tweak: New/Tweaked textures for several ore items (gold, lapis, galena, quartz, peridot, sylvit, sulfur)