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Version 0.8 - WELCOME TO THE STEEL AGE  (WARNING: Alpha Version, might be very buggy)


- New metal age: Steel \o/

- The player is required to build a whole new range of blocks and mechanics in order to create steel.
- Made by blast furnaces, requires coke and constant air flow from a belllows powered by a mechanical system
- Added steel tools, adding approximately 60% durability and 35% increase in mining speed
- Added steel armor


- Feature: Mechanical Power System

- To create, Transmit and Consume mechanical Power.
- Currently only 1 power producer (wind mill) and 1 power consumer (bellows) available
- This is a first proof of concept, much more will follow
- KNOWN BUG: When saving and loading up a world, all windmills stop and need to be broken and placed again


- Feature: Blast Furnaces to smelt steel. Multiblock structure using partially the old bloomery blocks and new blocks:

- Placeable Metal plates
- Liquid metal mold block to hold liquid metal for cooling
- Bellows to blow air into the blast furnace
- Requires lots of coke created from lignite or bitum coal

- Feature: New Carpentry System, based on the Smithing System. Mostly required to craft mechanical power parts
- Added carpenter table, working in the same way as anvils currently do
- Requires new tool "Carpenters Toolset", much like the anvil requires a hammer


- Feature: Added coke oven

- Coke oven doors, need to be placed on one side of a 3x3 area of fireclay blocks with middle empty.
- Added fireclay stairs. All top blocks of the coke oven may also be stairs


- Feature: Added placeable ores

- Only lignite and bituminous coal is placeable right now
- To create coke, place in the coke oven and ignite
- Burning lignite and bituminous coal spread to other igniteables and hurts the player when stood upon


- Feature: Added placeable metal plates

- Can be placed along solid blocks
- Currently required for the blast furnace


- Feature: Flax

- Added new Flax crop. Once fully grown, drops seeds and flax fibers. Naturally generates in the world in temperate climates
- Flax fibers can be turned into flax twine
- Flax twine can be used to craft linen cloth and stitched leather
- Linen cloth is needded to create windmill sails. Stitched leather is now required for crafting saddles and the bellows


- Feature: Sky update

Added 4 custom night skies, dependent on world seed
Added shooting stars, and rare meteor shower events
Added custom cloud renderer, they are now less transparent


- Feature:

Players are prevented to sleep in certain nights (also dependent on World Difficulty), forcing them
to also occasionally fight through the night.



- Tweaked Smithing System:

- Heating workpieces on the forge is now 33% slower
- The forge can heat Workpieces only to 1100 degrees celsius


- Tweak: Sylvite and Limonite deposite drop twice the ore. Increase size/amount of lignite, bituminous coal and lignite deposits

- Tweak: Wheat crops now only drop seeds. Seeds can be crafted into bread.

- Gfx Tweaks:

- Ingot rendered ontop of the forge now illuminate realisticly according according to their temperature
- Moved and Upsized some GUI Textures (Anvil, Anvil parts, Tool heads, etc.)
- New Textures for Lignite and Bituminous coal (items and oreblock variants)
- Improved ingot pile textures for gold, silver and tinbronze
- New Graphics for the Hoe Tool


- Tweak: Toolracks are now only craftable via the carptenry system
- Tweak: Reduced armor durability by 20%
- Tweak: Added durability indicator in every tools tooltip
- Fix: Stone pots should now remember their rocktype
- Fix: Should no longer crash randomly when trying to join a world
- Fix: Skele and Zombie Horses now despawn on peacefull difficulty
- Fix: Crash on certain system languages
- Fix: All tool assisted recipes didn't check for tool type

- Feature: Finished Crop Class implementation
- Feature: Refactored smithing system to be modular. Should now be easy for other mods to add smithing recipes
- Updated to Forge Build 1450