Vintagecraft v0.8.78


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    Sep 4, 2015
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Supported Minecraft 1.8 Versions

  • 1.8

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- Feature: Added wooden buckets. Can be filled with water to extinguish fires and nearby burning players
- Feature: Added recipe for horse leads (same recipe shapes as in vanilla mc, but using only flax twine)
- Feature: Officially added item frames (removed vanilla recipe, added hd textures)
- Feature: Add new tool, Sickle. Speeds up harvesting of tall grass and crops by breaking some additional nearby blocks.
- Feature: Added 11 achievements
- Feature: Added possibility to change brightness and contrast of the night sky while the game is running (via client side command) . The setting is saved permanently in the config. Type /vcraft nsbc [brightness (integer value)] [contrast (decimal value)]

- Tweak: Reduced brightness by 20 and contrast by 0.8 for all night skies
- Tweak: Tweaked some ore item gfx
- Tweak: 50% more bit.coal deposits …
- Tweak: Can no longer place sails when a block is in the way
- Tweak: Windmills Sails now will get destroyed if a block is within their path
- Tweak: Bows are now rackable …
- Tweak: Copper shears now break one leaves block less (5 total), Steel shears break one leaves block more (7 total)
- Tweak: Ingots and Plates now retain their temperature after being worked on the anvil. This helps when making mistakes because little or no re-heating is required for oddly shaped ingots/plates
- Tweak: Tallgrass now drops dry grass with a lower chance the shorter it is. Shortest grass only has a 10% chance of dropping it
- Tweak: Nerfed hoes - tilling farmand now consumes 2 uses. Nerfed stone hoe even more (can till only 15 blocks instead of 45 now)
- Tweak: Nerfed crop growth speed. Crops now grow half as fast, medium and low fertility by additional 20% and 50% slower.
- Tweak: Anvil recipes icons now adjust to the players current metal age

- Fix: Should no longer be possible to create a workpiece on the anvil that has all techniques applied but the desired output item is not created (was cause by applying a technique in the same second as it cooled down to non-workable temps)
- Fix: Corrected mouse-over hitbox of metal anvils

- Fix: Hopefully finally eradicated baby zombies
- Fix: Directional issues when putting together mechanical networks should appear less often
- Fix: Mechanical networks should now start up again after restarting a ssp/smp server
- Fix: Hopefully fixed all remaining oddities when smelting ore in the fire pit or stove (i.e. ores not smelting although they should)
- Fix: Breaking stove didn't drop its contents
- Fix: Fixed Anvil and Carpenter Table recipe selector items rendering oddly dark