Vintagecraft v0.8.83


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    Sep 12, 2015
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Supported Minecraft 1.8 Versions

  • 1.8

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  • Java 8


- Feature: Added above Sealevel Lakes to World Generation
- Feature: Added Minecart, Powered Minecarts and Rails - Vintagestyle! (with according recipes)

- Tweak: Flax fibers fit into the vessel
- Tweak: Improved firepit behavior. After newly placing a firepit it will burn for the duration of 3 logs. Once burned out, the logs will also render burned out
- Tweak: Throwing stones now only makes you half as exhausted as before
- Tweak: Added one more mob free day to newly generated worlds
- Tweak: Bread fills 3 food bars instead of 2.5

- Fix: Probably fixed stone anvil not updating + crash in SMP when another player created it
- Fix: Free floating Trees above snow layers
- Fix: Should have finally fixed the bug of some chunks not getting populated
- Fix: Joshua trees should now generate properly again, they were way to small before
- Fix: Removed the *huge* plateaus that were sometimes generated in new worlds
- Fix: Flax no long generates everywhere, but only in temperate areas as intended