Vintagecraft v0.8.85


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    Sep 14, 2015
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Supported Minecraft 1.8 Versions

  • 1.8

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  • Java 8


- Feature: New behaviors for cows and sheep  (might be very unbalanced)
-- They now eat tall grass which turns into an "eaten" version which slowly regrows
-- They eat a lot more and make slightly more intelligent moves to find food
-- Once they haven eaten a lot they automatically enter love mode and can reproduce automatically

-- Basic herding behavior = they will stay mostly together in groups

-- Baby sheep/cows take 5-6 days to grow instead of 1. Adults take 6 times long to be able to breed again.

-- Baby animals will now also spawn during worldgen


- Fix: Carpenters toolset description now correctly shows 4 ingots instead of 5
- Fix: Stone blocks didn't break when a torch was placed beside them
- Fix: Flowers can now only placed on topsoil and subsoil
- Fix: Breaking carpenter table didn't drop its contents