Vintagecraft v0.8.88


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    Sep 23, 2015
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- Feature: Added wooden rails. Cheap alternative to iron covered rails, but only allows carts to drive 60% of their normal speed.

- Feature: Coal powered minecarts now have a GUI where you can place and remove fuel and also see for how long it will burn
- Tweak: Rebalancing and Restructuring material deposit system.
-- Large deposits like quartz and rocksalt should be less jagged now.
-- Many ores now also spawn deep down below
-- Massively increased quantity of diamond and emerald deposit
- Placed sulfur deposits back to deep underground, they just fit better near the lava layer

- Tweak: Coal powered minecarts no longer consume fuel when derailed
- Tweak: Players and other entities get pushed from minecarts
- Tweak: Renamed Iridium into Chromium and Chromite Ore
- Tweak: Increased durability of steel tools by 10%
- Tweak: No longer able to take items from stone pot when sneaking, to be more consistent with Rightclick=Take, Shift+Rightclick=Put
- Tweak: Reduce required amount of coke for smelting steel from 48 down to 36
- Tweak The coke oven now yields more coke per lignite/bitu coal

- Gfx Tweaks - improved log and planks textures for: Crimson King Maple, Kapok, Myrtle Beech, Poplar, Purple Heartwood, Spruce

- Fix: Burning planks produced way to low temperature

- Fix: Random crash when eaten grass tries to regrow
- Fix: Crash when crafting the coal powered minecart
- Fix: Salt lamps not dropping when breaking
- Fix: Firepits/Stoves stopped smelting when 15 ingots in output slot
- Fix: Hopefully fixed spawing adult zombies riding chicken