Vintagecraft v0.8.100


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    Dec 29, 2015
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Supported Minecraft 1.8 Versions

  • 1.8

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  • Java 6


- Feature: Added magnetite in 60-128 depth. Can be smelted into iron just like limonite.

- Feature: Firestarters are no more! Ignite your stuff with Torches (you need to convert old torches with the red ribbons by putting them in your crafting table)

- Feature: Steel picks now mine 2 ore blocks at once!

- Tweak: More ores! Several ore deposits much more common now. Also mining lignite drops more items now.

- Tweak: More glass! Smelting glass smelts up to 4 at once, saving significantly on fuel

- Tweak: Cheap Signs! Recipe for signs now much cheaper (1 plank instead of 6)

- Tweak: Diamond encrusted tools now have twice the durability instead of 1.5x times durability

- Tweak: Kimblerlite layer varies more (between 0-50 blocks) - this is where you get your gems
- Tweak: Quartzite stones can be smelted into glass

- Fix: Better error message when trying to use incomplete bloomery/furnace. Also no longer displays error message while building the blast furnace
- Fix: Crash when trying to craft carpenters toolset from copper

- Fix: No longer create piles of lignite/bitu coal when trying place it into the bloomery/blast furnace and there is no more space
- Fix: Maybe fixed stacking issues with hot metal plates