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Volts is a competitive lightweight PvP modpack focused around ICBM-Classic. It includes few mods so to allow people to focus more on competitive gameplay than on a technology race.


Voltz was a modpack created by calclavia's Universal Electricity team.  The pack got to fame by being promoted on the technic launcher for a few years. Recently the technic team has decided to no longer support the pack. Due to this voltz 2.0 was created to act as a replacement by the same makers of the original pack. However, because the pack is not the exact same this modpack was created to restore the original experience.


What is BBM?

BBM stands for 'Built Broken Modding and Gaming' we are the last developers of the Universal Electricity team that created the original Voltz for Technic Launcher. When the team fully disbanded and Calclavia quit modding we gained everything from the UE team. This included all rights to update the modpack and continue it's mission. 


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