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Hello! Welcome to the land of Wallend! This modpack is primarily server based, although it can be fun to play with friends and family over LAN and even in plain ol' survival! This pack is meant to have a little bit of everything, from technology, magic, logistics, and adventure. If you feel that you are not given all these things and more... I am always open to suggestions! So, I hope you will enjoy this modpack and stop to play on the server where you can set-up shops, build awesome cities, and fight until your top of the leaderboard!

This pack will offer you the luxuries of slaying bosses in fully decked out armor, automating everything to your heart's desire with the usage of steves carts, ender io, refined storage, etc... But you can do all this while exploring the vast dungeons throughout the world or maybe you would like to setup a shop to sell your wares! You can now do this all and more, without having to worry about performance issues! Also, you can get so much more out of this modpack if you know where to look ;)


If you need help with anything please PM me, post in the issues page, or go onto the #support channel in the discord!


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