Weeping Angels - Flesh and Stone

Available for Minecraft 1.7.10!

Do you feel too safe around predictable monsters? Are you a Whovian who needs more enemies besides Daleks? Do you want to freak out your friends by letting them find out how important it is to NOT BLINK?


You're in luck (mostly)! The Weeping Angels mod adds stone-blooded killers to your world, allowing you to be very, very scared.


There are three ways to find Angels:

1) They may spawn naturally underground (disable/enable in config)

2) They appear in multitudes in randomly designed Catacombs.

3) The command /summon w_angels.EntityWeepingAngel


The Catacombs are dungeon-like, maze-like, deadly-like structures where both Weeping Angels and Weeping Angel statues are found. The loot is great, but is it worth running into one of the Lonely Assassins?

Just one room in a twisty underground maze.

Notes about Catacombs:

- The entrance (shown in screenshots) spawns at any flat area above Y=30 in most biomes

- From the entrance, there are two stairways spiraling down. At the bottom of each, there is a small mess of corners, turns, and rooms. Each Catacombs has a total of 5 - 9 rooms.

- There are 4 types of rooms, including the one pictured. One type contains a double-chest with chain-mail, gold, eyes of ender, and other loot.

- Each statue has a 1 in 6 chance of hiding a treasure chest nearby with more loot. That's really the only reason to risk getting close.


Tips and Unique Features:

- NEVER LOOK AWAY. Angels revert to stone when they are being observed, but they are deadly fast if you aren't watching them.


What did I just tell you?

What did I just tell you?

The eyes, rather than being the window to the soul, are the door. If you let an angel into your eyes, it will slowly overpower you. This usually ends badly.

- STATUES ARE NO SAFER THAN ANGELS. That which contains the image of an angel becomes itself an angel . . . Don't turn your back.


Configuration options:


- - Toggle whether angels can break doors (true by default)

- - Toggle whether angels can spawn naturally (true by default)

- - Toggle whether all angel-induced deaths spawn a new angel (false by default)


- - Blacklist of dimensions in which angels should never spawn

- - Whitelist of dimensions in which to generate Catacombs


- - Percent chance a statue can become a real angel

- - Maximum health for Weeping Angels

- - Minimum spawn height (if natural spawning is enabled)

- - Maximum spawn height (if natural spawning is enabled)

- - How many ticks an angel waits to make sure the player is not looking (increase for slow server connections)

- - How many ticks a player can look an angel in the eyes before becoming "infected"

- - How many ticks an infection lasts before it kills the player

- - Potion ID of the "infected" PotionEffect

As you might have noticed, more features are implemented from the episode "Flesh and Stone" than from "Blink."


1.8 version soon!


Built and tested with Forge release (1.7.10).

Should be compatible with all Forge-based mods, but let me know if there are problems!


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