Witchery or Death

Witchery or Death is a modpack that is focused on Witchery. The mod list is very small. There are quality of life mods and the Necromancy mod added because who doesn't want some undead minions in their life? So enjoy a blast from the past and REALLY get into Witchery. The mod is amazing and really should be played more. 

The mods were picked specifically to improve the user experience. First, there are the usual quality of life mods like NEI and other information providing mods. Second, are the important content mods. Some are for beautification like Bibliocraft. Others are the main purpose of the pack: Witchery and Necromancy. A lot of packs out there include many other magic mods along with Witchery. The problem is most people tend to flock to the other magic mods because they are easier to progress in than Witchery is, or are much more powerful in terms of damage. This modpack is different in that it doesn't give those options. There is Witchery and there is Necromancy.

Click Here for the Changelog


Remove "Durability Show," "MouseTweaks," "Better Title Screen," and "WAILA Features" from the server before trying to run it. 


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