Witching Gadgets v1.1.0


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    Mar 8, 2015
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Supported Minecraft 1.7 Versions

  • 1.7.10


The great #NotAtPax-update!

    - Lapis or other gems without affinities will no longer crash the cutting table
    - Only the Terrestrial Focus of Hell applies warp on crafting now
    - Stone Extruder outputs to inventories above and below him
    - fixed Clusters crashing when looking up their name
    - nerfed Stealth enchant. Each level now gives 10%
    - made Primordial Tools and Armor auto-repair, albeit slower than normal Void metal gear
    - Primordial Hammer only breaks a single block when sneaking
    - Improved selection gui of the Primordial Gauntlet
    - fixed area of effect on Ageing Stone
    - only Thaumcraft nodes will be accepted into the gauntlet now. No more Ethereal Crystals from Thaumic Horizons!
    - Void metal Blocks now work as beacon bases
    - rewrote entire Coremod to use obfuscated names instead of SRG. Woops.
    - listed all Potion+Enchantment IDs in the config
    - fixed null pointer in the Oval gem of Ordo
    - added documentation to the Abacus, about the infusion enchant calculation. Also improved the info given by the Abacus