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Horrible FPS?

Set mipmap to 0. Reason


Welcome to the World of Dragons adventurer.


In this world there is technology and magic. It is your task to subdue the dragons, using any combination of technology and magic you so desire. To help you in your quest there are special armors that you can craft from the carcasses of the dragons you kill. You may also encounter villages with a questing shopkeeper and village lords that have special needs. Each have good rewards should you appease them.


Go forth and conquer those Dragons!


Pack Direction

The initial concept of the pack that I have been steering it towards for 121 builds of it now is that it is supposed to have the feeling of World of Warcraft when you reach level 80, you have Epic gear and it's still not enough to take on the instance boss, so you go back to town and organize a party to go back and take on the boss.
The dragons themselves represent the pre-level 80 bosses that you have form a single party for defeating them and then you fight over who gets the loot from it.
Eventually there will be epic bosses added to the pack that will require more than one party to defeat.
And as soon as the fixes its issues or a similar mod shows up to take its place I'll be implementing a class system. So that whatever the class is called, that class can only make the items from specific mods. This will further enhance the pack.
As it stands both of these additional ideas might have to wait for 2019 as I don't see a mod that can fulfill the requirement right now.
If 1.13 comes out before 2019, the option exists that SpongeForge will catch up to the version of Forge I am using for the pack and then I can use Sponge plugins to effectively add the classes.



Build 108 and earlier Use the world type BIOMESOP

otherwise use the world type DEFAULT



There are 3 public servers already included in the Multiplayer section of the pack. Simply click "multiplayer" and join one.



Streamers and Let's Plays 

If you are a streamer or a Let's Play series videographer, let me know on my discord or in the comments below. I need to know which version of the pack you are using so that I don't archive and make it disappear from you and your friends later on in the history of things. However, I archive things because they are inherently broken and I don't want you using them. Also, I will feature you on this page!






Join atleast of us on Discord right now!


A Call to Action

This project is proudly powered by FORGE, without whom it would not be possible. Help Forge get rid of Adfocus by contributing at


Logo Credit 

Help a Veteran today

I am Veteran of United States Army. I am not disabled. But I do love to make these mods and modpacks for you guys. Please help me to help you by Donating at .



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