Wumple Util Library

Shared library of useful classes and functions for mod development. Does nothing on its own - you will see nothing new in-game with this mod alone.

Reduces boilerplate and duplicate code. Used by Stormwind's mods.


  • MatchingConfig classes to help make a mod highly configurable in relation to things in game
  • A BaseChest class based on vanilla Minecraft's chest, from which to derive new chest types
  • An adapter set, IThing, for basic use of ItemStack, Entity, and TileEntity instances via a single interface
  • Map manipulation library
  • Client/Server proxy bases classes derived from Choonster's TestMod3
  • Container capability listeners derived from Choonster's TestMod3
  • BlockRepair library derived from Corosus' CoroUtil
  • Many more utility classes


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