1.6.2 - 32x Mythos - WIP - Transdimensional Weirdness

"As he grew older and older, Edly started losing his memory more and more. He couldn't remember all the details of the animals he had grown to love. Their very structure seemed to meld together in obscurity. In his last days, the townsfolk said they had no idea what most of his toys were any more.

"They resembled farm animals, but didn't act like them at all." I recalled a bystander say as the construct wobbled up and down a hill. Letting out these eerie, almost bovine calls. All wood and junk strewn and stitched together by the very skins from the animals they were supposed to resemble.

We have to get rid of them all!" Mayor Jargans yelled.

But how?

How do you kill something that's not supposed to be living?