Yet Another Core

Yet Another Core is the core used on my mods (currently used on Mini Moos).


It contains some functions to help when modding, from getting fluids to check for structures. Some features it adds to the game can be seen below as those for modders.

Ingame Features


  • Adds the "creeperGrief" gamerule to disable only creeper grief
  • Adds the "endermanGrief" gamerule to disable enderman block picking
  • Adds the "ghastGrief" gamerule to disable the grief from ghast fireballs
  • Adds the "witherGrief" gamerule to disable the grief from wither explosion (it may not work fully)

For Modders

  • It brings a Spawn Util to facilitate adding entities to spawn.
  • It brings an Entity Util to facilitate the registration of entities.
  • Contains classes that simulate structures and can be used to check for beacon or altar like structures.
  • Has a Gamerule Manager to allow for easy creation of new game rules
  • It also brings a Fluid Manager that can help with obtaining containable fluids
  • A color util is also present to help obtaining colors from textures (used on Mini Moos)

Please check the wiki for more information on this.


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