You Are The Mob

This mod is only release as part of ModJam 5, it's not recommended for normal play.


You Are The Mob

Take the role of the monster (or not) and attack those pesky humans! (or dont)


When player's first join the world (or respawn) they get to choose what monster to reincarnate as, from the brittle skeleton to the might squid, there's lots of options to choose from.

Each monster has their own abilities, such as but not limited to the spider's ability to scale walls, the skeletons ability to shoot without losing ammunition, and the zombie's ability to call for backup and convert those pesky villagers.

Then there's the humans.. they roam the land destroying all in their path, you must stop them.

You might even run into a human house.


Should work fine with most other mods, multiplayer mostly works.

This is only released as a proof of concept for Modjam 5, use at your own peril.



Come yell at me on Discord!


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