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    Dec 10, 2017
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Supported Minecraft 1.12 Versions

  • 1.12.2
  • 1.12.1
  • 1.12

Supported Java Versions

  • Java 8


Added support for I think every PlusTiC material

Added Tinkers' book to help you learn about all the modifiers and materials

Added new "Gluey" modifier, makes Tinkers' yoyos work like the sticky yoyo, at the cost of damage

Added new "Sticky" trait to slime yoyo bodies. Like the Gluey modifier but without the damage cost

Made most textures fit better with the vanilla game

Added sound for when a sticky or gluey yoyo sticks


Fixed a bug that caused the game to yell at you when you had vanilla yoyos disabled

Fixed behavior for very fast tinkers' yoyos, they no longer jostle you around

Fixed a bug that would cause sticky yoyos to stick to air