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This mod is trying to make the world full of wild and endangered animals. We are trying to put in animals that are found in a lot of zoos but are not usually found in other mods. We will make it easy to capture, relocate and build exhibits for various animals such as Rhinos, Giraffes and Walruses. If you want more animals to fill you zoos and minecraft worlds with then this is the mod for YOU! We are planning to add features such as pack behavior and larger herds as well as more plants and new building features such as huge three block wide iron doors. Comment below if you have ideas about animals, items, blocks, plants or features. We are currently working on a trap block that will catch up to 6 mobs when they step on it to help with the capture of animals. We are also working on a incubator which will improve the chance of eggs hatching depending on how long they are in there.
Requires Moons Core 4.0+
This mod requires MoonsCore 4.0+

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Q: Will you make a 1.11.X version

A: No, stop asking it is very very annoying


Q: When will the 1.9 and 1.10 version be released

A: When a release version of the 1.8 builds are done, we will start work on the 1.9 and 1.10 ones


Q: Can you add this animal

A: Here is a fourm you can fill out to request an animal https://goo.gl/forms/gCFlKJpezrMKrDvj1


Q: Why is there so much lag, can you fix it?????

A: Its fixed so stop PMing me


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