Zoo & Wild Animals Rebuilt

This mod is the sequel to the ZAWA mod!! This mod improves on all of the models, coding and animations from the original mod and adds even more!! This mod includes a roster of 30+ animals of varying habitats! Enjoy taming and capturing animals from the gigantic Asian Elephant to the diminutive Tree Frog to the dangerous Amur Leopard! This mod adds unique blocks which you can use to craft very thematic and interesting exhibits! You can use nets to capture these incredible species and use the Data Book to make sure all of their needs are met! The environments of your MC worlds will be full of these incredible animals where you will witness incredible behaviors such as territorial behavior, prey and predator relationships and egg laying! Hope you all enjoy creating you very own zoo with ZAWA: Rebuilt!!!


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Q: Can you make it compatible with X mod?

A: No, ZAWA does not modify any core features in minecraft and uses its own, minecraft, and forge code and classes to function; if the mod is incompatible with a certain mod that mod should be making their mod more compatible with other mods.


Q: The game crashes help!
A: Test the thing that caused a crash with only zawa and bookworm and then send a crash report or we cant help you at all.


Q: Can you make it for X version of minecraft
A: No the only supported future versions are 1.12.X with the eventual release of newer MC versions the mod should also be updated for those.


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