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Project Owner Updated
Many Mystic Baubles
DenBukki Dec 18, 2018
Allows attachment of elytras to chestplates and includes an elytra bauble for Baubles
TheIllusiveC4 Dec 5, 2018
Addon for the Baubles Mod by Azanor
first_rain Dec 1, 2018
Adds items to protect your character
BrutaTralb Nov 18, 2018
Shulker boxes can now be placed into baubles slot!
Zeitheron Nov 2, 2018
An addon for baubles that helps players in their adventures...
Shelter_Rin Nov 1, 2018
An addon for Thaumcraft 6 that adds some cross-mod interaction, some baubles, and a few tweaks to existing features
mangoose3039 Oct 3, 2018
Cool Backpacks that can be improved with iron, gold, etc. [New] Baubles Integration!
DreenDex Jun 23, 2018
Keep weapons/armor/baubles on death
kataiser9 Mar 13, 2018
Compat between Scavenge & Baubles
Speiger Mar 11, 2018
A mod about potion effects. It add 3 items , the "magical stone" , the "infusing ring" and the "infused ring". (Require Baubles)
naturaspell Mar 11, 2018
Baubles integration for the Totem of Undying
InsomniaKitten Feb 26, 2018
An addon of Baubles
DenBukki Feb 19, 2018
An addon module and API for Thaumcraft
azanor Jan 10, 2018
Baubles capability for some Actually Additions gadgets!
Jackyy Aug 2, 2017
BaublesHud is a small add-on for Baubles that allows you to see your equipped Baubles at all times.
Gigabit101 May 7, 2017
Blood Baubles is an add-on for Blood Magic that adds Blood Magic themed Baubles to the game.
Z_Doctor Apr 30, 2017
Baubles Stuff - Modular Baubles (Pendant,Belt, Rings,Upgrades)
zazpro Nov 14, 2016
Deep pockets and fancy magic baubles items for Thaumcraft.
DRFH Jan 28, 2016
Adds mystical Ores, Baubles and other Artifacts into the game!
Lellson Jan 17, 2016
RF Powered Baubles
jaredlll08 Nov 12, 2014
Talismans Minecraft Mod Requires Baubles
Gigabit101 Aug 11, 2014